Saturday, May 15, 2010

Not My Home

It has been about three weeks since we have heard news of a possible move. We just moved into this house less than a year ago. We just returned to this country a year ago...after only living in that country for nine months. All of this moving around is exhausting. It's not just the physical move. It's also getting to know new people and getting settled into a new routine. It's tiring to just get everything figured out, only to find out that you might have to figure it out all over again. We recently found a preschool for our son, and now we might have to complete the scouting process all over again--if we even find any openings for next year. Yes, it's a little premature to be stressing about these things, as we don't even know if we will be moving yet. But, it's hard not to think about these possibilities.

This is a little bit of suffering in my life, so I'm trying to offer my discomfort of the unknown up to God. I can try to imagine my pain being united to the cross with Jesus. We are called to share in his suffering--this is what brings meaning to our lives.

This chapter of my life is yet another lesson in control and detachment. It's a tough lesson to truly learn, but I simply can't control everything that happens in my life. Also, this situation is a good reminder that this planet is a great gift from God, but it is not our final destination. This is not my home. Heaven is. In many ways, moving around is a good reminder that I should not get too comfortable here.

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