Tuesday, January 4, 2011

EWTN (Radio)

Well, it's the new year, and I suddenly have all of this extra time with our Christmas events being pretty much wrapped up now.  I am glad to be back to my normal routine now--for many reasons.  During our Christmas "break," I did not get to listen to my local Catholic radio station very often.  The area where we live now doesn't have Relevant Radio (unless we stream it online), but it does have an EWTN affiliate station.  During the course of a week, I don't realize how much the small amounts of EWTN I hear (mostly while I am in the car) positively influence my mood.  It is uplifting and refreshing to listen to.  I felt somewhat exhausted by my Christmas break and all of the traveling that it entailed, and I am looking forward to gaining some spiritual equilibrium once again.  I think EWTN's radio programs are going to be paramount in helping with this task and for that, I am very thankful!

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