Sunday, December 12, 2010


The first apostolate I would like to highlight for aiding my faith journey is EWTN. 

Today, there was a blizzard in my part of the country, and we didn't want to risk driving into town for mass.  So, we watched mass on EWTN.  Although we were not able to partake in the physical Eucharist, we were able to receive Jesus spiritually into our hearts in a special way because of "Mother Angelica's TV station". 

I only started watching EWTN programs within the past couple years or so, but I am thoroughly impressed.  We Catholic Christians are completely blessed by this station.  I love watching Father John Corapi's programs, and my son and I have started watching some of the kids' programs in the afternoons sometimes.  I have caught the sung version of the Rosary prayer once before, which I found quite refreshing, because it has a different cadence.

There is so much more to explore, too.

Thank you, EWTN!

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