Thursday, October 2, 2014

Like a Ping Pong Ball

Some days, it seems as though it would be an enormous waste of time.

Other days, I feel my fingers would not be able to move quickly enough.

My mind is made up to abandon it, and then I become inspired.  Sometimes I feel that I need to get it all out.  Back and forth I go.

Over the summer, I heard that the modern blog is going to die in the near future.  That did discourage me from attempting to revive this outlet of mine.

But, now that summer is over, and a plethora of overcast days are awaiting me, I am suddenly more motivated to put my thoughts down on the electronic page.

With my history of few and far between posts, I wonder if I really have the stamina to continue on more consistently.

What is the point of keeping a blog, anyway?

Does a blog make an impact even if no one reads it?

Yes.  Yes, I think it does.

How does blogging impact you?  How do you find yourself affected by the blogs you follow?

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